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A Pool House

Video 2019, 11,25 min, by Venla Helenius & Anna-Sofia Nylund

A pool House is a video installation based on the site specific performance with the same name. The working group, Helenius and Nylund,  has during September and October 2018 been exploring an abandoned Bathing house complex that lies by the sea in Rastila in northern Helsinki.

Through the concept of “modern ruin” and "ruinenlust" Helenius and Nylund have been investigating the cultural significance of the surviving structure and its memories.

Spending time in the space raised questions related to the poetics and politics of decline, decay and new life forms and the meaning of taking pleasure in ruins.

The video installation will premiere at the Nuoret 2019/Young artist exhibition at Helsinki Kunsthalle March 2019.

Voice over: Minna Partanen

Voice over recordings: Johannes Birlinger

Sound mix: Ludvig Allén

Helsingin Sanomat

"Taitavasti käsikirjoitetussa teoksessa oleskellaan puoleksi tyhjennetyn altaan reunalla. Vesi on Allashuoneen maailmassa yhtä aikaa poeettinen ja poliittinen elementti; teos maalaa esiin maailman, jossa puhtaus ja lika ovat suhteellisia käsitteitä." – Sini Mononen


picture: Xenia Østergård Ramm

A Pool House performance

Site specific performance, 60 min, by Venla Helenius and Anna-Sofia Nylund

The site specific performance that took place in October 2018 consisted of three different parts; one part where the audience was guided to the site, another where they were seated outside the space wearing headphones looking at the performers inside the space and the third part were they could discover the inside of the space.

Performers and voice over: Venla Helenius and Anna-Sofia Nylund

Music: Ludvig Allén

Biologist: Pauliina Saarman

Guide: Xenia Østergård Ramm


Thank you:

Johannes Birlinger, Blaue Frau, Saara Hannula,

Saija Kassinen, Teresa Kari, Arvi Komulainen, Iona Roisin, Pauliina Saarman,

Minna Miettilä and Meri Linna


And all the supervising teachers and producers at the Academy of Fine Arts

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