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picture: Vivien Wilhelmina Hangö Teaterträff


picture: Vivien Wilhelmina Hangö Teaterträff


picture: Vivien Wilhelmina Hangö Teaterträff


picture: Vivien Wilhelmina Hangö Teaterträff

The site-specific performance Trädgården (The Garden) studies the power relationship between humans and plants. The performance challenges the presumption that humans have a right to use nature for our own pleasure, but also nature’s persuasive attempts to bewilder itself. The performance try to  approach plants as persons, who lives side by side with humans, and makes an attept to open the portal between the plant world and the human world.

The robotic lawn mower Bob runs around in circles. An undefinable invasive species is hovering in the periphery. Erecta – virens – Lupinus polyphyllus.

The working group consists of visual artist Anna-Sofia Nylund, producer Marie Finne, visual artist Natalie Eliassen, sound designer Iida Hägglund, choreographer Sara Grotenfelt, and an electronic performer in the form of a robotic lawn mower.


Concept and direction: Anna-Sofia Nylund
Performer: Sara Grotenfelt
Production: Marie Finne
Costume design: Natalie Seifert Eliassen
Sound design and composition: Iida Hägglund
Mentors: Emma Castro Møller & Karoline Skuseth
Co-production: Hangö Teaterträff

Supported by: Arts Promotion Centre Finland, the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, Konstsamfundet

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