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Man får säga udda/It's Okay to Call It Odd

Documentary 26 min, 2010

Recently a group of people with an alternative lifestyle have moved to the small village Uddebo. The people in the municipality are shocked by the newcomerʼs unorthodox life style. Amongst factories, sport clubs, and robotic lawn mowers itʼs considered a bit odd to make a living of art, gather food from dumpsters and arrange human snail races. On top of that the new arrivals have decided to restore the old ramshackle sewing factory in to a cultural center. But in the end, maybe everyone is a bit odd in the cotton-padded world.

Director: Anna-Sofia Nylund

Producer and cinematographer: Stefan Gustafsson, Redneck productions/Arcada

Sound and music: Ludvig Allén

Editor: Nina Ijäs

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