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Video 2018, 32 min. Extract 1,55 min.

In 2003 a Christian youth organisation is established in a High School in Finland. The organisation, called New Generation, wants their members to save their fellow students and spread the knowledge of Jesus Christ in the school environment. This is done through different kind of concrete actions.


After an incident where the NG members are using name lists to pray for their classmates some other students begin to protest against the organisation. A conflict that lasts for several months occurs. The school is divided and the students are at that time not able to communicate with each other.

In 2017 I invited some of the old students from boths sides to go through the events by reenacting and remembering them.  I participated in the reenactment as I, in 2003, was part of the opposition.

Participants: Emma Ahlgren, Sara Björklöf, Pernilla Snethlage, Ida Westerlund

Cinematography: Bo Forsander

Sound recording: Ludvig Allén

Curators: Tellervo Kalleinen & Oliver Kohta-Kalleinen for University of Arts Helsinki

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