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O. 2022, single channel, 4K, 12 min.

The short film O. has its starting point in the filmmakers fascination for religious extasis. She asks if the same emotion can be received through making art and if it is possible to deliver that to the viewer. In O. the filmmaker and a group of participants is trying to reach a light trance state of mind through sound and movement lead by the artist and actor Cris af Enehielm.


Is possible to find an erotics of art? - like Susan Sontag asked already in 1964.

Director, cinematographer, script, editing, sound: Anna-Sofia Nylund

Cinematographer: Martin Dušek

Cinematography assistant: Tyra Wingren


Participants: Chris af Enehielm, Johanna Dikert, Annina Blom, Salla Valle, Natalie Eliassen, Anna-Sofia Nylund, Marie Finne.

The Video installation was shown at Kuvan Kevät 2022, the master exhibition for the Univerisity of  Fine Arts, Helsinki.

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